2020.11 Release Notes

Release date: 17th November 2020

Next BuildVu release: 12th January 2021


[HTML-3419] - [IDRViewer] Refactor Complete UI
The Complete UI for the IDRViewer has undergone a large refactor to make the code easier to follow and improve extensibility by improving the separation of concerns and encapsulation of the various viewer features.

[HTML-3420] - Increase SVG text accuracy to 1 decimal place
Improves the positioning of text in SVG conversion.

[HTML-3416] - Embedded font has incorrect unicode character range values
Workaround added for font that does not conform to specification.

[HTML-3413] - Experimental Text Mode
Added experimental text mode which fixes layering of HTML text that should be hidden whilst also maintaining similar file size and rendering performance characteristics. This mode also benefits from improved accuracy of the text appearance.

This mode can be tested using the -DexperimentalTextMode=true system property.

Please let us know if you have any feedback regarding this experimental text mode. Our intention is for this to graduate to a normal feature in the next release, however we are still deciding how it should impact the existing settings.

Update to the BuildVu Docker image (coming soon)
This update will add the ability to control which version of BuildVu is used. We expect it to be released in the next week.

Update to the BuildVu documentation website (coming soon)
We will be migrating our documentation from Zendesk to a Jekyll based website. We hope this change will allow us to make further improvements to the documentation going forwards. Expect this to change over in the coming days.


[CORE-3692] - Dests table not correctly read
Fixes an issue where bookmarks and GoTo annotations could incorrectly define -1 as the target page.

[HTML-3418] - IDRViewer may skip named zoom values when zooming in or out

[HTML-3423] - Range issue in substituted font widths
Fixes an issue that caused missing text in a customer file.

[HTML-3427] - Horizontal text scaling is not applied in some cases causing incorrect text positioning

[HTML-3428] - Calculation of word/letter spacing may be incorrect when line contains non-breaking space characters