2021.02 Release Notes

Release date: 23rd February 2021

Next release: 6th April 2021


[HTML-3450] - Refactor and Open Source IDRViewer
We are pleased to announce that the IDRViewer is now available on GitHub as an open-source (Apache-2.0) project.

In preparation for the open-source release, the IDRViewer also underwent a large internal refactor to increase encapsulation within the codebase with the goal of improving extensibility.

Please let us know if you have any questions and as always we welcome any suggestions you might have to improve BuildVu. We hope this change makes it easier for the IDRViewer to be extended to fulfill custom requirements.

The IDRViewer project can now be found at idrsolutions/idrviewer on GitHub.

[HTML-3400] - New experimental mode to detect & write links into annotations.json
An experimental mode has been added which detects links within the page text and writes them into the annotations.json file under a new annotation type TextLink (which are functionally the same as Link annotations).

This mode changes the existing functionality which hard-codes detected links within the HTML as anchor (<a>) tags. The benefits of this experimental mode are:

  • The behavior of detected links can now be customized by the annotations handling
  • Detected links are now supported in the SVG conversion (BuildVu-SVG)
  • Multi-line links are now detected
  • Ligatures (such as ffi/fi) are now handled correctly within detected links

This mode can be tested using the -DexperimentalLinkDetection=true system property. Please let us know if you have any feedback regarding this experimental feature.

[CORE-3713] - Improve Type 1 Font memory usage
Improves memory usage

[CORE-3716] - Improve string performance with .intern()
Improves performance/memory usage

[CORE-3718] - Improve Type 1 Font reading to reduce memory allocation
Improves performance

[CORE-3719] - Improve resizing data structure behaviour for FastByteArrayOutputStream
Improves performance

[CORE-3720] - Optimise use of FastByteArrayOutputStream
Improves memory usage

[CORE-3732] - Optimise reading of Unicode values for certain files
Improves performance

[JDEL-460] - Improve performance for internal image decoder
Improves performance

[JDEL-455] - Speed up PNG encoder with caching
Improves performance


[HTML-3441] - Unset annotation objref field defaults to 0
When annotations are missing an object reference, the objref field inside annotations.json defaulted to "0". This is now an optional field and will not be written out in such cases. For more details see the updated API.

[HTML-3443] - Missing space character in font results in an unreadable document

[HTML-3451] - Document convertPDFExternalFileToOutputType as FormVu only in Javadocs
The convertPDFExternalFileToOutputType setting only affects FormVu, the documentation has been updated to reflect this.

[HTML-3453] - [IDRViewer] Slide transition slides in wrong direction for R2L documents

[CORE-3704] - BMC/EMC clip incorrectly applied in customer PDF

[CORE-3707] - Fix form order based on form size

[CORE-3721] - W2 values not correctly read in customer PDF

[CORE-3729] - Handle temp files race condition
A race condition could delete temp files younger than the 4-hour default if other processes are modifying the temp directory when getting the file list.

[CORE-3734] - Allow for comment at start of byte array

[CORE-3735] - Excessive clips causing long duration on file

[CORE-3738] - Only delete temp files created by BuildVu

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