2021.04 Release Notes

Release date: 6th April 2021

Next release: 18th May 2021


[HTML-3474] - Enable new link detection code as default approach
Links detected within the page text are now added to the annotations.json file under a new annotation type TextLink (which are functionally the same as Link annotations).

This changes the existing functionality that hard-codes detected links within the HTML as anchor (<a>) tags. The benefits of this update are:

  • The behavior of detected links can now be customized by the annotations handling
  • Detected links are now supported in the SVG conversion (BuildVu-SVG)
  • Multi-line links are now detected
  • Ligatures (such as ffi/fi) are now handled correctly within detected links

[HTML-3448] - Improve patterned shape/shade positioning
Added subpixel positioning

[HTML-3481] - Link annotation with both /A action and /Dest entries is not detecting target page
Added workaround to handle customer file that does not conform to the PDF specification


[HTML-3467] - Thumbnails and shapetext modes are missing some text
Fixed. Impacts files that use non-embedded fonts where the font does not define a font descriptor and cannot be found on the local filesystem. Affected fonts will now be rendered using the closest matching fallback font as listed at How does BuildVu handle fonts?.

[HTML-3465] - Page rotations are not correctly applied to pattern shapes/shades

[HTML-3463] - Exception getting RichMedia name in a customer file

[HTML-3470] - Incorrect extraction value in RealText mode

[HTML-3476] - Image is not fully output at certain scaling levels
Fixed bug in PNGEncoder when writing compressed images

[CORE-3717] - Code to balance BMC/EMC tags breaks customer PDF file

[CORE-3741] - Allow for broken Annots key in customer PDF

[CORE-3742] - Invalid colorspace prevents page content appearing

[CORE-3743] - Issue with converting 14 component DeviceN to RGB due to assumptions in caching code

[CORE-3748] - Code failing to correctly to handle /N key in customer file

[CORE-3750] - Text displayed as incorrect characters due to fonts not being read correctly

[CORE-3755] - Read commented out broken indirect ref

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