2021.05 Release Notes

Release date: 18th May 2021

Next release: 29th June 2021


[HTML-3495] Added Screen annotations with Rendition actions to the annotations.json file (see api) and added support in the IDRViewer

[HTML-3494] Added Javadocs for setCustomErrorTracker, setCustomIO, setPassword and setEncryptTempFiles that were missing in PDFtoHTML5Converter and PDFtoSVGConverter

[HTML-3490] Added support for base64 embedded annotation appearances in the annotations.json file when the embedImagesAsBase64Stream setting is enabled

[HTML-3489] Added Link annotations with Launch actions to the annotations.json file

[HTML-3493] Added support for Link annotations with Launch actions in the IDRViewer when the new enableLaunchActions setting is enabled (see documentation)

[HTML-3461] Refactored the SVG shape generation code which gains a negligible performance improvement

[CORE-3763] Refactored the postscript handling code which gains a modest performance improvement in files that use lots of postscript


[HTML-3482] Fixed non-embedded Zapf Dingbats fonts not displaying by adding support for a new open-source fallback font Noto Sans Symbols2

[HTML-3487] Fixed a problem where non-embedded narrow/light fonts could be incorrectly substituted with a sans fallback font despite the serif flag bit being set in the FontDescriptor

[CORE-3762] Fixed an issue where stroked text was not displayed with the correct stroke width in thumbnails and the background images in image_shapetext modes

[CORE-3766] Added support for fonts that use CMAP format 2 which fixes an issue with some text that incorrectly displayed as the .notdef glyph

[CORE-3768] Fixed a exception when handling escape characters in the PDF stream that would prematurely end processing of the page

[CORE-3761] Fixed an issue where the software could hang if encountering an outline object that erroneously references itself

[CORE-3759] Improved the handling of sub-pixel width/height image clips that could round down to 0 and cause the content to incorrectly become unseen in image_* text modes

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