2021.12 Release Notes

Release date: 14th December 2021

Next release: 25th January 2022


[HTML-3566] Added support for Sound annotations and tweaked the implementation of annotations that play sounds to allow the sound to be paused

[HTML-3562] Improved IDRViewer print functionality to allow loaded pages (up to 20 pages that surround the currently viewed page) to be printed in the Complete UI

[HTML-3559] Minor performance improvement through the removal of unnecessary synchronization (locking) in code that does not require it

[CORE-3830] Internal refactoring of PDF key generation code to allow Sound annotations to be decoded

[CORE-3818] Added more robust handling for corrupt ICCData profiles in ICCColorspace code which fixes an image that was not displayed in a customer file


[HTML-3560] Fixed a bug in the IDRViewer magazine layout where annotations could be visible erroneously in the blank space opposite to the first and last pages

[HTML-3546] Fixed an issue with clips not being applied to shades in some cases which fixes a white background not appearing as expected in a customer file

[HTML-3563] Fixed minor fractional clipping on the bottom of some rasterized (shade) shapes caused by incorrect rounding

[CORE-3829] Fixed an uncaught ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when reading an invalid PDF file that would prematurely end the process when converting a directory of files from command line

[CORE-3828] Updated the handling of Outline entries to prevent an infinite loop if the file erroneously creates a loop in the tree structure

[CORE-3827] Updated the handling of Prev trailer entries to prevent an infinite loop if the file erroneously creates a loop between trailer entries

[CORE-3820] Fixed incorrect handling of Lang tag on PageObject which caused a customer PDF file to display as blank

[CORE-3824] Added validation to fix incorrect inline image length EI data tags which fixes some incorrect black pixels at the end of the image

[CORE-3823] Fixed handling of inline images when the same tag is used in both abbreviated and full length form which caused the incorrect display of an image

[CORE-3821] Fixed an issue with the decoding of MaskData when padding is used for BPC values which caused some missing images in a customer file

[CORE-3832] Fixed an issue when parsing a file with tabs and comments inside the PDF stream that prevented the file being converted

[CORE-3833] Fixed an issue in the Decode array handling which caused an image to display as a black rectangle in a customer file