2022.03 Release Notes

Release date: 8th March 2022

Next release: 19th April 2022


Internet Explorer Support: Microsoft announced in May 2021 that they are dropping support for Internet Explorer 11 in June 2022. After consulting with our customers in late 2021, we have decided that it is time to phase out support for Internet Explorer in BuildVu.

We are hereby announcing that BuildVu 2022.03 will be the last BuildVu release where compatibility with Internet Explorer is a goal. This will help us to develop BuildVu faster and write code using the modern browser APIs that is easier to understand and maintain.


[HTML-3587] We are pleased to announce that the IDRViewer Complete UI now has support for the selection of highlighted search results. It is now possible to click a result in the search panel which will now identify the matching search highlight on-page.

[HTML-3582] Added settings to control the dimensions of thumbnails. org.jpedal.pdf2html.thumbnailMaxWidth and org.jpedal.pdf2html.thumbnailMaxHeight. More details can be found at the Javadoc

[HTML-3575] We have overhauled the content inside the search.json file to ensure it aligns with the content in the HTML/SVG. There are two minor exceptions which are documented inside our new API documentation of the search.json file. Notably, a data-mappings attribute is now added to the HTML/SVG where the content of the search.json differs from the DOM content.

[HTML-3594] Tidied SVG output by preventing empty groups and unnecessary new lines being included in the SVG output


[HTML-3591] [IDRViewer] Fixed an issue where the page content overflowed the screen on devices with small screens by reducing the minimum zoom level inside the IDRViewer

[HTML-3588] Implemented reconstruction of broken HMTX tables when converting TrueType fonts which fixes incorrect font appearance in a customer file

[HTML-3589] Fixed a RuntimeException encountered when a Link annotation erroneously uses an empty Dest value which prevented all output in the file

[HTML-3602] Improved Javadoc descriptions for various public Classes and Methods

[HTML-3596] Removed useLegacyDivTags setting. This was a temporary setting that was included for customers who were not able to immediately adopt the span tag change in 2021.06.

[CORE-3853] Fixed an exception when reading a /Name entry with unexpected format in a customer PDF file, which prevented the file from successfully converting

Upcoming Microservice Improvements:

Later this week we will be releasing a number of improvements to our open source microservice which include:

  • Added support for storing conversion state in an external database
  • Expanded the range of supported filenames to include those with characters outside the ASCII range (this prevents affected characters being replaced with underscores)
  • Added remote cloud storage support (AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, GCP, & Oracle) for zip output
  • Added an optional feature to automate the removal of converted documents instead of relying on an external scheduled task
  • Added support for configuring the microservice using a properties file

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