2022.07 Release Notes

Release date: 12th July 2022

Next release: 23rd August 2022


CORE-3884 Fixed missing text caused by incorrect handling for Type0 font encoding when a standard dictionary name is used

CORE-3876 Fixed rare circumstance where decoding a linearized PDF file beyond the first page could fail

Latest Microservice Improvements:

3 weeks prior to this release, our team released a number of improvements to our open source microservice, which included:

  • Improvements to error handling
  • A new setting to control libreoffice conversion timeout
  • Added GZip support for URL provided conversions
  • Fixed possibility for a NoSuchMethodError with Java’s 8 to 9 ByteBuffer API change (which could be encountered when building for Java 8 on Java 9 or higher)
  • All clients have now default to no conversion time limit
  • Updated HTTP request library used in NodeJS client