2022.08 Release Notes

Release date: 23rd August 2022

Next release: 4th October 2022


Java 19: BuildVu has been tested against Java 19 (early access release candidate) and no issues were found


HTML-3678 Added a new embedSvgAsBase64Image setting. This setting embeds the SVG background directly into the HTML file as a base64 image. See HTMLConversionOptions::setEmbedSvgAsBase64Image


HTML-3613 Fixed an issue with the browsers rejecting fonts in a customer file caused by the fonts containing improperly ordered glyphs

HTML-3676 Fixed font display in a customer file by improving robustness of reading charset data in poorly formed CFF fonts

CORE-3892 Fixed an issue with missing content caused by incorrect ColorSpace value caching

CORE-3888 Fixed an issue with missing content caused by BDC properties list not being read correctly

CORE-3881 Fixed two potential infinite loops when processing malformed PDF files with self-referencing objects

CORE-3866 Fixed missing image caused by excessively large clip bounds that exceeded the maximum bounds able to be stored

CORE-3886 Fixed an issue with FreeText annotations being rendered with the incorrect font size/family caused by misreading of DS values

CORE-3846 Fixed an issue with missing annotations caused by the annotation matrix value not being correctly applied