2023.02 Release Notes

Release date: 21st February 2023

Next release: 4th April 2023


HTML-3740 Hidden text (e.g. OCR) is no longer removed from conversion output, and is instead made transparent so that it can still be selected

HTML-3731 Improved the quality of thumbnails

CORE-3916 Reduced memory consumption when decoding images using DCT

HTML-3738 Updated the DefaultIO code example to remove usages of API that does not work when using the trial jar

CORE-3918 Start using the MissingWidth value in CID fonts (when provided), which improves the character spacing in some files


HTML-3744 Fixed a regression in 2023.01 where Type 3 fonts could cause a NullPointerException that would prematurely end page processing

CORE-3917 Fixed incorrect glyphs being rendered in flattened form fields for certain fonts due to incorrect handling of the font encoding

CORE-3922 Added a workaround to handle invalid CMYK values which resolves an exception that prematurely ended page processing

CORE-3919 Fixed an issue where an indirect reference DV value was not correctly parsed, causing the conversion to end prematurely

CORE-3921 Fixed a memory leak that could occur when converting files from InputStream or URL, and fixed temporary files sometimes not being deleted that could also occur when converting files from InputStream or URL

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