2023.05 Release Notes

Release date: 16th May 2023

Next release: 27th June 2023


HTML-3750 Added pageFlatteningImageThreshold setting to configure how many images a page can contain before the page is flattened into a single image to improve performance in the browser

HTML-3770 Added maxPageWidth and maxPageHeight settings which can scale down abnormally large pages. These settings may be useful to prevent rogue documents with unusually large pages from causing OutOfMemoryErrors (which may otherwise bring down the JVM)

HTML-3775 [IDRViewer] Added page loading spinners

HTML-3776 [IDRViewer] UI updates:

  • Updated to SVG icons, removing the FontAwesome dependency
  • Fullscreen and theme icons now alter their appearance based on the current state
  • The web browser theme now affects which UI theme (light or dark) is used by default in the Complete and Clean UIs


HTML-3772 Added detection of external URIs in Link Annotations to resolve issue with external link incorrectly behaving as a relative link

HTML-3761 [IDRViewer] Implemented workaround for Chromium 109 regression which affected magazine layout when transitions are enabled, causing images to become visible when they shouldn’t be

HTML-3767 Fixes for thumbnail issues where thumbnails could be too large, too small, or have a black line on an edge. Fixed the maxThumbnailWidth/maxThumbnailHeight settings not accounting for page rotation

CORE-3927 Fixed an issue with an unexpected N object in a font that would be incorrectly read, fixing an exception that prematurely ended page processing

CORE-3929 Added support for parsing nested parentheses in PDF strings, fixing an exception that prematurely ended page processing