2023.06 Release Notes

Release date: 27th June 2023

Next release: 8th August 2023


HTML-3784 [IDRViewer] Keyboard nav / tab order improvements:

  1. the tabbing now starts with the main nav bar (Complete UI)
  2. the sidebar is only included in the tab order when it is open (Complete UI)
  3. unnecessary elements have been removed from the tab order (All UIs)

HTML-3785 [IDRViewer] Replaced var with const/let

HTML-3636 [IDRViewer] Updated the Complete UI to prevent the sidebar obscuring the document when open (except on small screens)

HTML-3788 config.js & properties.json no longer escape characters that do not need to be escaped

HTML-3765 Added a new originalFileName setting which allows you to spoof the filename of the document being converted. This setting is useful when the filename is not specified, such as when converting from InputStream or byte array, or when the filename has been sanitized.


HTML-3779 Fixed an issue where an annotation with extreme bounds would be rendered, causing it to overlay/prevent interaction with all other elements on the page

HTML-3780 Fixed an issue where a font containing incorrect maxZones field would fail to load, leading to the default font to be used instead

HTML-3792 [IDRViewer] Allow IDRViewer to work with pages that have minified css (prevents font-face parsing issue)

HTML-3757 Fixed an issue where a font would fail to load due to the replacement character being absent, leading to the default font to be used instead

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