2024.01 Release Notes

Release date: 23rd January 2024

Next release: 5th March 2024


CORE-3963 Improved handling of FontMatrix entries in FDicts, resulting in improved text scaling in some files


HTML-3845 [IDRViewer] Made Bookmark panel keyboard accessible (previously could not open children)

HTML-3847 Fixed positioning of forms/annotations where a misalignment of 1–2 pixels was possible

CORE-3992 Fixed escaped carriage return from being mishandled, improving text spacing in rare circumstances

CORE-3992 Fixed Default Width value not used when MissingWidth is present, leading to text spacing in some files to be too large/small

CORE-3993 Fixed bug in AES encrypted streams which would rarely cause garbage to be added to bookmark names

CORE-3994 Fixed issue with tiny shapes being scaled up when they should be too small to be visible

CORE-3995 Fixed bug that caused some streams not to return the final character, leading to some images to be rendered upside-down

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