2024.03 Release Notes

Release date: 5th March 2024

Next release: 16th April 2024


Java 22: BuildVu has been tested against Java 22 (final release candidate) and no issues were found


HTML-3854 Aligned cssSuffix rules for v and m CSS classes with s rules, which means page number suffixes are no longer added for one-page documents.

CORE-4005 Added support for PDF files larger than 2.14GB

CORE-4008 Added support for vertical fonts when defined at font level rather than PDF level, resolving a situation where vertical fonts could be incorrectly aligned horizontally

CORE-4009 Improved our UTF-8 Support for PDFs. Metadata, bookmarks and layers now support UTF-8 text streams


HTML-3856 Fixed an error which caused trials to incorrectly add a JPedal watermark on every image

CORE-4006 Fixed a shading issue which was caused by PDF 1.1 handling of resources for XObjects. This would previously result in certain shading effects to not output at all.

CORE-4011 Fixed a font mapping issue where an incorrectly defined cmap sub-table was being used, leading to certain special characters to not be shown in file output

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