2024.07 Release Notes

Release date: 9th July 2024

Next release: 20th August 2024


HTML-3880 Updated the Options (HTMLConversionOptions, SVGConversionOptions, IDRViewerOptions, ContentOptions, FormViewerOptions) classes to support chaining setters, allowing for multiple settings to be set on a single line.

HTML-3875 Improved text positioning when kerning creates character overlap, which improves CJK files in particular

HTML-3874 Implemented a workaround for isolated (in their own <span>) combining characters that are sometimes not visible in Safari. Submitted a Webkit bug report:

HTML-3879 Updated the fallback font /Unifont/ to version 15.1.05, improving the position of Japanese punctuation

HTML-3882 Internal refactoring to remove duplicate code


HTML-3878 Fixed issue where improper fallback font is chosen for a non-embedded Japanese font, leading to the text being garbled

CORE-3959 Fixed issue where CID font with broken encoding was not rendered properly, leading to the text being garbled

CORE-4034 Fixed an issue an incorrect matrix transformation would lead to content being drawn in the wrong location

CORE-4037 Fixed regression introduced in 2024.05, where the XObject cache did not account for when different SMasks are used, causing incorrect appearance of content in rare circumstances

CORE-4035 Fixed inconsistent text extraction caused by character set encodings being loaded in a different order, which could happen when converting PDF files in a different order. This affected a small number of symbol characters such as ∆ (U+2206 increment), Δ (U+0394 delta), Ω (U+2126 ohm) and Ω (U+03A9 omega).

BuildVu Microservice [API Changes]:

Updated file storage strategy to name files by the uuid of the conversion rather than using their original filename. This prevents edge cases where certain file names would otherwise need to be rejected. More information: API Changes in the BuildVu Microservice

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