Modifying the IDRViewer

We provide number of user-interface examples with the IDRViewer that can be used as-provided, or as a starting point for building your own user interface. The examples are entirely self-contained within the index.html files.

You can set the UI to use at the point of conversion.

To add or change behaviour or appearance, you can modify the generated index.html file or provide your own. Setting the UI to custom will avoid writing out an index.html file as part of the conversion.

The examples interact with the IDRViewer using an event-based API. The full IDRViewer JavaScript API is shown here.

For more complex requirements, the unobfuscated idrviewer.js source code is available on GitHub as an open source (Apache-2.0) project. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to make a contribution, and we hope you find the project useful.

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