2021.05 Release Notes

Release date: 18th May 2021

Next release: 29th June 2021


[HTML-3491] Added a new JVM flag for submitUrl setting, which was previously only accessible via FormViewerOptions. This new flag allows for the setting to be set on the command line or in the cloud solutions

[HTML-3483] Added the ability to submit FormData via the experimental FormVuAPI, resulting in the same output you would expect when submitting a standard HTML form.

[HTML-3494] Added Javadocs for setCustomErrorTracker, setCustomIO, setPassword and setEncryptTempFiles that were missing in PDFtoHTML5Converter

[HTML-3461] Refactored the SVG shape generation code which gains a negligible performance improvement

[CORE-3763] Refactored the postscript handling code which gains a modest performance improvement in files that use lots of postscript


[HTML-3482] Fixed non-embedded Zapf Dingbats fonts not displaying by adding support for a new open-source fallback font Noto Sans Symbols2

[HTML-3487] Fixed a problem where non-embedded narrow/light fonts could be incorrectly substituted with a sans fallback font despite the serif flag bit being set in the FontDescriptor

[CORE-3762] Fixed an issue where stroked text was not displayed with the correct stroke width in thumbnails and the background images in image_shapetext modes

[CORE-3766] Added support for fonts that use CMAP format 2 which fixes an issue with some text that incorrectly displayed as the .notdef glyph

[CORE-3768] Fixed a exception when handling escape characters in the PDF stream that would prematurely end processing of the page

[CORE-3761] Fixed an issue where the software could hang if encountering an outline object that erroneously references itself

[CORE-3759] Improved the handling of sub-pixel width/height image clips that could round down to 0 and cause the content to incorrectly become unseen in image_* text modes

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