Configure JDeli with ImageIO

What is JDeli-ImageIO?

It is JDeli with our ImageIO plugin included so that you can easily download and run your code without having to refactor to work with JDeli.

Although this makes things easier, if you want to reap all the benefits of JDeli, it is recommended you refactor your code to use JDeli.

Getting started

Just as you would with JDeli you need to download the jar:

Download JDeli

You then need to add it to your modulepath.

The jar has been made so that you can choose which formats ImageIO will use JDeli for. It comes with our HEIC encoder and decoder pre-registered so ImageIO will pick up JDeli for writing and reading HEIC.

You can register more formats:

//registering all readers

//registering a single reader

//registering all Writers

//registering a single Writer

To unregister formats:

//unregistering all readers

//unregistering a single reader

//unregistering all Writers

//unregistering a single Writer

You can now run your ImageIO code and see the difference!

Find out more about our ImageIO Plugin.

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