Release Notes 2020.09

Release date: 25th September 2020

Next release: 30th October 2020

Key features at a glance

  • Ability to add your own dark mode in the viewer
  • New method for converting pdf pages to High resolution images
  • Updated support documentation:
  • General bug fixes


  • [JPED-643] - Allow user to switch on Dark mode in Viewer
    There is now a lookAndFeel feature in the viewer, that can be controlled by the user with a JVM flag.
  • [JPED-648] - New method ConvertPagesToHiResImages.writeAllPagesAsHiResImagesToDir(…, final Map mapValues)
    To allow for setting of parameters


  • [CORE-3644] - Blend Mode is not applied in some cases
  • [CORE-3679] - Missing text caused by faulty numeric value in CM command
  • [CORE-3682] - Box appearing in Converted Document
  • [CORE-3683] - ExternalHandlers is not returned by PdfDecoderServer.getExternalHandler()
  • [CORE-3685] - T* behaviour causes incorrect text coordinates
  • [JDEL-385] - Fix Tiff encoding producing pink tinted images

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