Text Mode Options

One of the main configuration options for the viewer is the Text Mode. This controls how the text, shapes, and images are output. We offer a range of solutions to meet different requirements, there is sure to be text mode that will match your requirements.

The text mode can be set using the VM argument -Dorg.jpedal.pdf2html.textMode=[MODE] or using the setTextMode() method in the relevant Options class:

There are two main output formats, each with three text behaviors, making a total of 6 modes to choose from.

1. SVG

  • svg_realtext
  • svg_shapetext_selectable
  • svg_shapetext_nonselectable


  • image_realtext
  • image_shapetext_selectable
  • image_shapetext_nonselectable

Image or SVG?

We give you the choice of 2 different output formats, giving you the choice of better performance and file size, or better quality zooming.

Why choose SVG? (svg_*)

  • Vector content remains vector content, meaning that pages can be zoomed without loss of quality.

What is SVG? (svg_*)

  • Shapes are drawn as SVG shapes.
  • Images and shades are drawn as images within the SVG.
  • A single .svg file is used per page (with separate image files by default).

Why choose Image? (image_*)

  • Image has the smallest file size and is rendered fastest.
  • With just one image, the output is simple and concise.

What is Image? (image_*)

  • All shapes, images, and shades are drawn onto an image.
  • A single image is used for each page.

Real Text, Shape Text, or both?

We give you the choice of 3 different text behaviors, giving you a choice of better file size, or better accuracy.

Why choose Real Text? (*_realtext)

  • File sizes are the lowest.
  • Text can be altered, e.g. by translation tools.
  • Text can be searched.
  • Very accurate representation of the PDF.

What is Real Text? (*_realtext)

  • PDF Text is converted to real, selectable text with converted fonts.

Why choose Shape Text? (*_shapetext_nonselectable)

  • Perfect text representation of the PDF (but no search/selection).

What is Shape Text? (*_shapetext_nonselectable)

  • Text gets output as shapes.
  • Text is drawn as SVG shapes or rasterized onto image depending on output mode chosen.

Why choose both? (*_shapetext_selectable)

  • Text can be searched and selected.
  • Perfect representation with the PDF, retaining selection.

What is both? (*_shapetext_selectable)

  • Text gets output as shapes.
  • A layer of invisible, real text is drawn on top to be used for search and selection.

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