2023.09 Release Notes

Release date: 19th September 2023

Next release: 31st October 2023


Java 21: BuildVu has been tested against Java 21 (final release candidate) and no issues were found


HTML-3402 Miscellaneous internal refactoring to improve internal code extensibility and make way for future developments


HTML-3811 Fix annotation AP images not accounting for page rotation

HTML-3816 Refactored text class names. The index now starts from 0 rather than 1

HTML-3817 Updated path optimisation rules to ensure clip shapes are not altered from the original PDF

HTML-3818 Aligned when page suffixes (e.g. _1) are added to class names. Page suffixes are now used for all pages except when the PDF file contains a single page page or when logicalPageRange is set to a single page.

CORE-3954 Fixed an issue where a Boolean was misdefined as a (string), which led to incomplete document metadata

CORE-3961 Removed redundant getParameterConstant(int id) method from the PdfObject class. The method getNameAsConstant(int id) should be used instead.

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