Logical Page Range

Set a page range using logical page numbering. This setting treats the document as if it only contains the pages defined in the page range.

For example, a 7-page document with the page range “2,4,6” will generate 1.html, 2.html and 3.html, and other assets will behave as if only these pages exist.

Important: Some assets such as config.js/properties.json/annotations.json may not be compatible with this setting.

Expected values:

  • comma separated values including ranges. E.g. "1,3,5-8,10"

Default: unset

Usage Examples

Command Line



{ "org.jpedal.pdf2html.logicalPageRange": "1,3,5-8,10" }


conversionOptions.setLogicalPageRange(new PageRanges("1,3,5-8,10"));

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