2021.08 Release Notes

Release date: 10th August 2021

Next release: 21st September 2021


[HTML-3511] Added a new minFontSize setting. This setting is designed for content aimed at Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and other markets where the locale-specific version of Chrome has a default minimum font size of 12px (Chinese) or 10px (Japanese).

When this setting is used, any text below the provided font size will be rendered at that size and scaled down to the correct size using a CSS scale transform. Without this setting, Chrome may display text larger than intended.

More info: setMinFontSize Javadoc

[HTML-3503] Increased the accuracy of transformed text positioning which improves the display of files with text that follows a curved path

[HTML-3509] Improve printing converted FDF file output. Previously, printing via the browser would only print the visible screen. With newly added @media print CSS, it will now print the entire document, with each page of the PDF showing as a page of the printer output.

[HTML-3458] New FDF JavaScript support. This feature is disabled by default but emulates the Adobe JavaScript API in the browser so that features such as dynamic field validation & field updates that were present in the original PDF are brought into the converted output.

For more information about how this works and on how to enable the feature, see our new tutorial.

[HTML-3519] Enable FormVuAPI by default. This was previously the experimental setting introduced in the 2021.05 release, which is now used for the Submit Form button in FDF output.

This setting leads to a new file in the output called ‘formvuapi.js’ which can be found in the ‘assets’ folder. The setting useFormVuAPI can be used in order to disable this functionality & use the previous submission method.

FormVuAPI replaces the previous base64 submission, using FormData (a HTML form) via POST as the new default. A new JSON submission is also available and the previous base64 submission remains accessible via JavaScript.

For more info, check our FAQ on form submissions


[HTML-3520] Fixed an issue where glyph names that contained hex-encoded values could be improperly decoded causing incorrect display of the character

[HTML-3518] Fixed a regression in 2021.06 that caused group transparency to no longer be applied to HTML text as a result of the XObject group development

[HTML-3504] Fixed an issue with the experimentalTextMode setting where text would become invisible if the page was detected as complex

[CORE-3797] Fixed an issue when handling single number values in Object Arrays that caused an exception that would prematurely end processing of the page

[CORE-3795] Fixed an issue when handling a rare null value for page clip that caused an exception which prevented conversion of the document

[CORE-3794] Fixed an issue in the clip handling of marked content that caused some elements to be missing in the conversion

[CORE-3785] Fixed an issue in the clip handling of marked content that caused some elements to be missing in the conversion

[CORE-3782] Fixed a StackOverflowException caused by a self-referencing kids array which prevented conversion of the document

[CORE-3779] Added a workaround to handle an incorrect data type in the PDF stream which prevented signed signature fields being displayed

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